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More Kiwi kids brought up on tech can't hold a pencil

Experts have seen six-year-olds with the handwriting ability of typical two-year-olds as kids spend less time using pencils and more time on computers. An increasing number of

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Dyslexia – not just a reading and writing problem

Most people regard dyslexia as just a reading and writing problem, and do not realise that just as importantly dyslexia can adversely affect a child’s feeling of well-being and

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How handwriting works

Handwriting is important anytime that you are using a pen/pencil to write words or numbers. By Occupational Therapy For Children Writing is a lot more complicated than you

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Handwriting for life

Handwriting is an enduring skill  Our children are growing up in an era where keyboard skills are dominating handwriting skills. It has even been suggested that handwriting skills

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