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The Tomatis Method for Learning a New Language

Dr Alfred Tomatis was a French ear specialist who discovered the correlation between speaking and hearing. His research helps us to understand why it is so difficult to learn and

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Creating a Visually Friendly Classroom

For students with visual problems the classroom can often be full of distractions, from the glare of the lights to the oversaturation of information on the walls. The following

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Assessing learning needs

When an assessor is working with a child, they are looking for pieces of the puzzle that don't fit. They are looking for patterns - they are looking for WHY... Judith Alexander -

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How to engage boys into learning

WOW - what an inspirational afternoon! We were totally inspired and in fact completely blown away by the ideas and results shared with us by John, Stu and Michael! Messages

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Dys and That - our top tips!

Dys and That Praise for our Dys and That event "Thursday night was very interesting for us as teachers. We had a insight into services offered in our local area and came away

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Help!! My child isn’t learning

More time spent in the car, less walking around, and infant props such as exersaucers and jolly jumpers all mean less floor time and less movement. Physical awareness and body

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