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Book’em Dano…

I love books. Walking into the Auckland Public Library downtown is like a trip to Disney Land! You see, we are built for stories. It’s why we like TV, Movies and even

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Why Read To Your Kids

A quiet time, a quiet place, some tasty food, a good book - read by a loving parent - is a stepping stone towards intelligent children and a happy home. Reading to your kids

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Reading is an Absolute Foundation in Education & Life

A couple of weeks ago I covered "Letting Children be Children" A childhood should be full of wonder. One of the great access points to that wonder is books/stories. There is

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Dyslexia – not just a reading and writing problem

Most people regard dyslexia as just a reading and writing problem, and do not realise that just as importantly dyslexia can adversely affect a child’s feeling of well-being and

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What makes a confident reader?

Have you ever seen a child who is able to read a passage of text aloud only to be stumped when it comes to explaining what they have just read? A child’s reading development is a

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Som wrods look strang to dyslexic peple. How abowt you?

Dyslexia affects approximately 5 - 10% of the population, and I'm one of them. It takes many forms with a collection of names, such as ADHD, dyspraxia, dyscalculia and dysgraphia

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