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Resilience - don't let things get you down

What is it? Imagine you have each end of a piece of elastic in your hands.Pull your hands apart and the elastic stretches. Let go of one end and the elastic bounces back to its

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Tips to be more resilient

What you can do: 1. To help yourself to be more resilient Positive self–talk. That means: tell that voice in your head to think about all the good things around you and all

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Building Resilience in Children

How do we manage to parent from a place of love and understanding, not fear and paranoia? It's not possible to protect our children from the ups and downs of life. Raising

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Life can be like a roller coaster

Life can be like a roller coaster – sometimes it’s great and thrilling and sometimes it’s just scary and stomach-churning! Have you noticed how some people approach life with

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