Creating confident kids

Michael, Michele, Dean and Julie

Two of the best in the business share their top tips for creating confident kids!

Dean Kent “small white guy who tried his best”

It’s all about habits – develop good ones!

  •  positive self-talk
  • quality of practice, not just quantity
  • spend time with people who can help you get to your goals and dreams

Unconditional love – it’s important!

  • unconditional love of a parent ranks #1 in studies the world over for self-confidence
  • tell your child you love them everyday
  • take time to listen, take an interest in what they’re doing and talk them through any tough situations

Activities that help create a confident child: do all three to build a self-confident and co-ordinated young person!

  • swimming ranks higher than any other sport for self-confidence and higher than reading and writing. It also aids brain function, heart and lung function and water safety
  • gym sports – co-ordination, flexibility, core strength
  • ball sports – hand-eye co-ordination, team work

Create a hard work ethic:

  • allow them to try and fail
  • help them learn that more practice is required to achieve their goal
  • listen / back their coach and teacher by supporting suggestions for improvement
  • have rewards and consequences for behaviour

How to measure success as a parent:

“Your child’s success or lack of success in a sport or subject does not indicate what kind of parent you are. But having a child that is coachable/teachable, respectful, a great team mate, mentally tough, resilient and tries their best IS a direct reflection of your parenting.”


Michael Stretton – Performance.Net

Enabling: tap into the well of confidence (tip for teachers)

Dance, drama and performing arts give children the ability to express themselves in creative ways. Giving children the opportunity to shine gives them skills and confidence that radiate into other aspects of their lives – even school work! As a teacher, you have the amazing ability to help children find and nurture a talent that will be their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Fake it til you make it (tip for students)

This one is easy – aim as high as you can and go for it!

CRC: giving feedback and next steps (tip for parents and coaches)

When giving feedback to children, think about the 3 step ‘sandwich’ rule… essentially this means:

  1. positive feedback – something they are doing well
  2. constructive feedback – something they need to change/improve
  3. positive feedback – something they are doing well