The KidsLink “Help for Kids” programme has been established to help children and teenagers access KidsLink services.

Who is eligible for assistance?

The KidsLink “Help for Kids” programme is available to support children and teenagers who attend KidsLink affiliated schools and KidsLink early childcare providers (in-home and preschools) access KidsLink services. Scholarships may also be made available from time to time to students attending KidsLink affiliated secondary schools who wish to go on to further tertiary study.

How does the KidsLink “Help for Kids” programme work?

Senior management of KidsLink schools and KidsLink early childcare providers may submit applications on behalf of children and students in their care. These applications set out the difficulties faced by the child and demonstrate how the child is likely to benefit.

Requests for assistance to create or support an in-school programme to cover the needs of multiple children may also be made by KidsLink schools.

If the application is accepted, we will try our absolute best to organise a KidsLink service provider who can support through a donation of their time, find a direct sponsor (if appropriate) or alternatively, the “Help for Kids” fund may make a contribution towards the cost.

How can I contribute?

Anyone! We know it takes a village to raise a child… we would appreciate your support.

Donation of Time

Many KidsLink service providers donate their time to help children through the “Help for Kids” programme. We contact the service provider and schools directly and make the connection.


“Help for Kids” sponsors may choose to support a particular child, cause or in-school programme. If you or your business would like to help, we’d love to hear from you!

Monetary Donations

KidsLink has established a bank trust account to administer all donations to the KidsLink “Help for Kids” programme. These donations are used to support children and young people who, because of their circumstances, need our help.

Support our “Help for Kids” Champions

All KidsLink service providers who contribute to the “Help for Kids” programme are acknowledged on their KidsLink web page. Look out for this logo:

It’s great to know you are making a difference!

So far we’ve helped 242 children access services worth over $82,449.00

That’s amazing!

The best reward of all comes from knowing that your contribution is helping to change the life of a child or young person and their family.

If you’d like to become a “Help for Kids” Champion, contact us today


“The KidsLink service is such a great resource for all parents. I think it is especially useful for parents of children with special needs as I don’t tend to be able to get out and chat with other parents about services available so having a one stop source of info is amazing. We were really excited that our school used KidsLink to organise a language assessment with a qualified therapist for him.”
Jess – mother (Help for Kids recipient)

“KidsLink provides an invaluable service to help connect schools and families with various professional disciplines in order to help address a child’s needs. As a growing independent Speech and Language Therapy business, I am proud to be associated with KidsLink to contribute to providing support for families and their children who are unable to access speech and language therapy for a variety of reasons. More support in the form of funding and public awareness about how KidsLink operates is needed so that more children can be reached and helped in their community.”
Karen Blundell – Language4 Life (service provider Help for Kids)

“The opportunity this scholarship has awarded me is a dream come true. Working with KidsLink and SAE has been an encouraging and positive experience – I have felt valued and supported every step of the application process and I am confident that this feeling will continue throughout my studies. I will be grateful to KidsLink for the rest of my life for giving me this chance and helping me take the next step towards my future. Thank you :)”
Alana Janssen (Help for Kids recipient)

“Good morning , Caylyss went to eye appointment yesterday and he is not dyslexic however his muscle’s in his eyes need to be exercised daily with a few task we have been given otherwise he will need glasses we need to go back in 6 weeks time ???? he is long sighted also.  Thank you so much for allowing me to take him there xxxx”

“We would like to thank KidsLink for considering the application for our daughter to have an assessment done at Indigo. We were so grateful to have been successful in this application. She had her assessment a week ago and even though we knew that she has difficulties it really showed where her difficulties lie and gave me insight on how I can better help her with her school homework. Once again thanks so much KidsLink!”
Faye, Hibiscus Coast


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