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Annette Stock


Registered teacher endorsed Speech Language Therapy

My Experience

I have many years of experience in teaching and speech language therapy across  the sector and beyond (including briefly teaching English as a second language in Morocco!)

I talk about

Language and literacy. The importance of early childhood input for parents/caregivers and educators. Crucial oral language input and storybook and narrative story telling. Teachers and slt’s needing to work together to improve formal literacy outcomes. The effects of lack of oral language and youth offending.

My key messages

Identifying what is required for robust preliteracy skills, including oral language to support early childhood and junior school literacy success.

Simple strategies to improve oral language outcomes, around talking, storybook reading and playing educational games, to develop communication skills.

Implementing oral language in all curriculum areas in a pre/school.

Importance of having community, parents/care givers alongside teachers in developing better oral language outcomes.

Age group/s

Primarily 0 years-Intermediate


I am able to negotiate with schools to fit in with them. Either daytime, evenings and holiday time.

  • Teacher only days
  • Staff meetings
  • Full day packages

Any other information

Traditionally the role of SLT’s has been to offer services of a more clinical model. Because I am an experienced  teacher and SLT, my scope of operation is far more encompassing to provide a collaborative model. Training teachers around NZ fills the “oral language gap, ” and helps teachers better provide for our ever increasing literacy demands.

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