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MSc – Specialty Contact Lenses (Hons) BOptom (Hons)

My Experience

Jagrut graduated with Honours and a host of undergraduate awards from the University of Auckland in 2009, that same year he began working for Visique Rose Optometrists – Home of the Rose K lens, in Hamilton, New Zealand. He has a special interest in the irregular cornea, disease and orthokeratology including Hyperopic, astigmatic and myopia control Ortho-K.

In late 2009 he setup the first myopia control clinic in New Zealand devoted to evidence based methods for control. He speaks regularly in the USA, South Africa, China, Australia and abroad. Currently; he is a branch president (Waikato) for the New Zealand Association of Optometrists, President for the Cornea and Contact lens society for New Zealand, and a board member of the International Academy of Orthokeratology.

He has recently received a Master’s degree with honours for specialty contact lenses and orthokeratology from the University of Auckland. Specific areas of interest include keratoconus, children’s vision and orthokeratology. He has co-authored a textbook entry for a chapter on corneal topography. He also enjoys cricket, field hockey and the beach.

I currently work in private practice with 5 other colleagues at Indigo Assessment and Counselling.

I talk about

  • Vision and vision development in children.
  • Evidence based updates for society.
  • Device use what does the research say and what should we say to our parents and children.
  • Short-sightedness in kids – can we prevent it and how can we avoid glasses?

My key messages

  • Practical implementation of low or no cost strategies to help normal development in children
  • Provide tools for schools to use to educate parents and children about device use
  • Education of the global problem of short-sightedness and the importance of having regular breaks

Age group/s

All year levels


Mornings, Afternoons, Evenings

  • Teacher only days
  • Staff meetings
  • Full day packages

Would love to discuss with you on delivering a presentation for your school or COL’s group

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