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Lynley Forde


PG Dip Science in Child & Family Psychology (Dist)           

PG Dip Specialist Teaching in Learning & Behaviour (Dist)

BA (Psychology)                                                          

NZ Registered teacher                                           

NZCER Lvl C                                                           

ATCL (Voice)

My Experience

I’m a specialist teacher and have spent the last decade supporting students, families and teachers across a wide range of contexts and diversity of learning and behavioural needs.

This has included teaching English as a second language, teaching students with high and complex needs and, more recently, supporting students, families and teachers as a Resource Teacher for Learning and Behaviour (RTLB).

2flourish uses best practice in teaching and learning and the science of strengths and wellbeing to create and deliver positive, practical strategies and resources to build lifelong, resilient learners.

I talk about

What would happen if we could focus on the strengths that already exist within us and around us and actively use these to build wellbeing and achievement?

Researchers in the field of positive psychology and positive education tell us that a focus on negatives and problems helps us survive; a focus on strengths and positives helps us thrive and flourish. A focus on strengths doesn’t ignore problems and challenges; it enables growth and development from a secure sense of self-worth and capability.

Teaching ALL children to see and use their strengths shows that we believe in them and guides them towards adaptability, capability and resilience to the inevitable challenges that life brings.  

My key messages

  • Everybody has strengths. Everybody! Learning what is right with you feels good and helps you to be adaptable and resilient.
  • Discovering your own strengths and looking for them in others is a positive way to connect and share with people around you and can build belonging and engagement.
  • When you know what your strengths are and how to build them day to day, you can use them as a first option to support with identified challenges.
  • Practical resources and strategies to build resilient thinking and behaviour,  and wellbeing.

Age group/s

I can customise each presentation to your specific needs and audience.


I am avaliable during the day or evening

  • Teacher only days
  • Staff meetings
  • Full day packages
  • Parenting Seminars

I would be very pleased to discuss Professional Development in your school.

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