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Rechelle McNair – Trainer/Facilitator

Self-Image/Identity, Relationships/Friendships, Puberty/Sex Education, Team Culture

Auckland Wide


Trainer, Facilitator, Business Consultant, Business Owner, Wife & Mum with over 30 years’ experience working with families, youth and kids.

My Experience

In a professional capacity I’ve worked for Southern Cross Healthcare for 7 years as a Corporate Trainer and Project Manager. I also worked as a Business Consultant for 7 years working with SME’s. I’ve worked with schools, charities, local community groups and churches to provide support and encouragement for families, youth and children. In between all that, I also home-schooled my 2 kids for 7 years.

I currently own 2 sKids Franchise’s. sKids provide Before/After School and School Holiday Programmes for kids.

I talk about

Self-Image, Identity, Parenting, Relationships, Puberty, Friendships, Sex Ed, Leadership, Customer Experience, Team Culture, Personal Adaptation & Improvement.

My key messages

  • The importance of being YOU
  • Parents – You are not alone!
  • Letting Go of Hands and Holding Hearts
  • What’s Behind the Mood – A look behind the curtain of why your teen is suddenly so annoying
  • Navigating Friendships – A guide for Middle Schoolers to understand and develop friendships
  • I’m too Sexy – What Sex is. What it isn’t. Straight talk about subject kids are extremely curious about – but will never ask their parents.
  • Leadership – Based off The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C Maxwell this talk can go deep on specific attributes or touch top of the waves on all.
  • Customer Experience – With the advent of social media, Customer Experience is more important than ever. Here’s how you can ensure it’s a great one.
  • All For One – The old hierarchy is gone and today it’s all about collaboration. Team’s don’t just happen. They are planned.
  • Personal Adaptation – Being the best version of you!

Age group/s

I worked for years to ensure I can be an effective communicator for kids right up to adults. I can tailor presentations to the audience.


I have a flexible timetable. Please contact me to discuss your needs.

• Teacher only days
• Staff meetings
• Full day packages


“Rechelle delights and captures the imagination of her audience. With her innate wisdom, she has a knack for capturing the essence of an event and putting everything in simple, profound perspective.” D. Steytler

“Rechelle is a dynamic speaker who pitches her message in a relevant and intelligent manner. She is witty, genuine and people focused.” V. Gatman

I would be very keen to present in your school, please feel free to contact me

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