Reading is an Absolute Foundation in Education & Life

A couple of weeks ago I covered “Letting Children be Children”

A childhood should be full of wonder. One of the great access points to that wonder is books/stories.

There is so much great literature written recently and through the centuries – including great works by kiwis.

We also know that reading actually enhances intelligence:

Every time children practise decoding words, they forge new connections between the visual and spoken language areas of the brain, gradually adding new letters and words to the brain’s all-important letterbox.

Here, evidence from brain imaging research and educational research converge to show that early phonics instruction can help construct an efficient reading network in the brain.

Love of stories, love of books, adults reading to kids, great literature in schools and the home are a hub of an intelligent, discerning and eloquent society with strong shared experiences.

Kids know this well:

Alwyn Poole
Villa Education Trust