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Ahua Playing Dough

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Suzanne Taylor

We Sell To:


Elderly rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation

Art therapy

Language therapy

Mental health – stress relief product

Target age group/s?

Pre-school – 4 years old
Primary – Junior Primary – Years 0 -3
ESOL – Years 0-4

Who do these resources help?

Any age group

How do they help?

The benefits of playing with Ahua playing dough in early childhood & primary years cover many areas of development and learning. It’s playful versatility easily makes playdough a childhood staple. As your child manipulates and shape their playing dough creations they are doing much more than just having fun. Playful learning? Sign us up! Below you will find all the fantastic benefits that your child is getting every time they play with Ahua playing dough.

Fine Motor Skills:
This helps in your children’s hands develop the strength, dexterity, and control needed to manipulate everyday items such as scissors, pencils, zippers, and buttons.

Socio emotional Skills:
Ahua playing dough provides a lot of open-ended opportunities for children to experience independent and cooperative play. In both styles of play, children are exploring abilities, life experiences, and emotions. During play with others (either an adult or child) children are learning about cooperation, collaboration, self-control, and friendships.

From dramatic play to initiating and creating whatever your child’s imagination can come up with, playing dough is a fantastic outlet. Ahua Playing dough can be anything!

Language and Literacy:
As children discuss what they are creating or their sensory experiences they are expanding their vocabulary. As you ask your child questions they are learning to listen. There are so many different ways children learn comprehension, listening, and communication skills through playing with playing dough.

Science and Math:
Trial and error, creating shapes, comparing sizes – just simply playing with playing dough exposes kids to a vast array of math and science concepts.

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Ahua playing dough is an asset to your school supplies for arts & crafts & resources. Finally a dough for children which is made here in New Zealand at an affordable price & is nontoxic made with food only ingredients
Ahua creative dough is safe, soft and easy to use and comes in 6 colours:
red, blue, green, orange, pink & yellow

It is great for manipulative play, therapeutic play and therapy, using small motor skills for children, teachers, therapists and the elderly. It is great for Therapeutic rehabilitation and physiotherapy with the aged care and special needs therapy.

Rest homes, Aged Care, Retirement homes, Schools, Day Cares, Kindergartens, Therapists and Home Care can all benefit from Ahua dough.

Children, Teens, Adults, Aged care and Grandparents all find Ahua playing dough soothing, relaxing, destressing and creative. Ahua playing dough is usable with all Play Doh equipment and accessories It’s so nice to play with.Soothing, relaxing, destressing, creative.

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Suzanne Taylor
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