Adept Education

Contact Name

Dr Lucy Patston

We Sell

  • NZ Curriculum Maths Workbooks
  • Maths Resource Packs
  • Curriculum advice to parents

Target age group/s?

Children aged 4-11

Who do these resources help?

Parents of primary school aged children

How do these resources help?

The Reaching Competence Workbooks help parents understand the mathematics curriculum and the jargon used in modern classrooms.

As a parent of emerging school children, I realised how differently my children were being taught maths to the way I was taught. I had no idea what these “mental strategies” were! So, my colleagues and I embarked on a project to bring the maths curriculum to life for kids and their parents.

I worked with talented maths specialist teachers to replicate the NZ maths curriculum in a series of activity books that sit alongside classroom teaching and complement your child’s learning at school. The books encourage a love for the consistency and logic of maths, are fun and colourful, and have true-to-life problems containing developed characters in believable, real-life scenarios. They also contain suggested apps (Apple and Android), paper resources, stickers, certificates and games!

Invest in your child’s future. Learn the modern language and strategies of maths as they are used in the classroom and help us help you help your child!