Nurserydale Childcare

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Nurserydale Childcare

Part of your family & your community

Nurserydale Childcare Centre has been part of your community for over 40 years (some of our parents came here when they were children!) so we understand the importance of creating and maintaining good family and whanau relationships. We are your child’s home away from home. Central to everything we do is our core belief that through communication and mutual respect we foster a learning environment in which each unique individual is valued and embraced for what they bring to the group.

Our long serving and loyal staff provide your child with a nurturing, safe and supportive environment in which to learn and thrive. Despite our many years of care and teaching experience, we regularly undergo further professional development so that your child may receive the best possible early childhood experiences.

Creating confident independent learners
Under twos

Occupying their own area in Nurserydale, the under twos are encouraged to actively explore movement, music and the world around them.

With a maximum of 10 under twos, we ensure your child receives continuity of care with a dedicated consistent team of teachers.

Two to five years

Our goal at this age is to encourage independence within a safe, supported environment. Your child will have the opportunity to choose some of the activities to participate in and even prepare their own meals from a selection of healthy options provided.

We even involve you child in the growing process with our newly established edible garden and encourage them to participate in baking!

Your child is also empowered to make changes to their play environment so long as it is safe to do so. By enabling you child to participate in making decisions he or she is likely to feel more confident to try new things and acquire a strong desire to learn.

Preparation for school

Starting school can be a challenge for many children. We make the transition to school easier for your child with our comprehensive “Prepare for School” programme. This programme covers:

  • early literacy and maths skills
  • self-help skills such as tying shoe laces, doing up zips and opening packaged lunch items
  • self-management skills such as putting away their lunch boxes and taking responsibility for their items of clothing
  • regular visits from our local schools
  • small group trips to our local schools with our nearly five year olds
  • we offer trips to schools to ensure that you child will feel confident to take the next step in their learning journey
A family focused environment

We want you to feel that Nurserydale is an extension of your family. We encourage open and regular communication with our parents – you are always welcome.

We encourage you to view your child’s portfolio of work and attend our twice yearly parent evenings where we explore together ways in which you can participate with your child in a new and beneficial activity.

We also maintain ‘learning stories’ of your child’s progress. These enable us to know and focus on your child’s interests for maximum engagement.

Being a family based centre we strive to maintain a family feel with typical family activities. Your child will be able to explore and get dirty in the back yard. We want your child to know what it means to be outdoors in nature.

If a family environment with outstanding learning opportunities for your child is what you are looking for then call us on (09 483 8273) to arrange a visit. We would love to meet you and your child.


Best Wishes,

Libby Hunt & The Nurserydale Team