Paterson Burn Optometrists – Waiuku

Paterson Burn Optometrists – Waiuku

About Us

Paterson Burn Optometrists has had a presence in the Waikato community since 1925.

We are one of the largest independent groups in New Zealand and our Waiuku practice opened in 2017. We have a total of 8 practices across the Waikato and Auckland.

There are twelve optometrists practicing at Paterson Burn.

Each of our optometrists work between two or three different locations. Each optometrist is highly qualified with a variety of experience and special interests in the world of optometry.


Eye health is important – One in 5 children have a vision related learning difficulty. Our optometrists identify and improve vision problems that may be affecting your child’s learning development.

We recommend that children have a comprehensive eye examination with an optometrist before starting school and regularly as they progress through school.

What children will experience with your business eg. description of a typical session or descriptions of activities available etc.

We are aware that children can sometimes be nervous about having an eye examination.

Your child may even pretend that there is nothing bothering them about their eyes to put off the visit. This is a real shame as the benefits of rectifying children’s vision problems are immense.

Our examination for children is much the same as our full eye examination for adults.

However, it is important to adapt the eye exam to suit a child and to make sure that coming to the Optometrists is stress-free and even fun!

The dispensing optician will conduct the preliminary testing, which involves taking images of the back of the eye, a reading and the pressure of the eye. These results are provided to the optometrist for the eye examination.

Once your child is in front of the optometrist, they will start with some questions on lifestyle, activities, how they feel with their vision, any tiredness, headaches, aches etc., and an examination of how well they can see letters on a screen.

Following the eye examination, the Dispensing Optician will then take the child through to the main area to start choosing frames for their new glasses (if required).

The child will also be assessed to see if they are a suitable candidate for contact lenses, for example a child who is active in sports cannot use glasses as much.
Once the lenses have arrived we check that the frames fit as per the original fitting and that vision is clearer.

If contact lenses are prescribed, then the child will receive lessons in how to insert the lens.

The children’s vision clinic in Hamilton provides extra attention to children who have vision problems due to a lack of visual skills. These skills are not well developed, and as a result, learning may become stressful and difficult.


Paterson Burn Optometrists practice in Waiuku is located on 7 Bowen Street. The nearest parking is on-street parking along Bowen Street.

The practice is well lit and has large windows to take advantage of the natural light. There is visible signage outside the practice. Comfortable seating is available in the practice for those waiting for appointments. A large range of optical frames and sunglasses are displayed around the practice. There is a preliminary testing room for the examination records, and an optometrist room for the eye examinations and clinics.


All Paterson Burn staff greet each child and family member by name and welcome them to the practice. The dispensing opticians spend time with the children and their parents/guardians, talking through each of the three steps in preliminary testing before meeting with the optometrist.

This is to ensure the child is aware of what will take place, and what to expect.


Children under 15 and with vision problems, may qualify for a free eye exam under the Enable New Zealand Spectacle Subsidy. If you have a Community Services Card, please ask us about the Enable subsidy. MasterCard Q Card is available for payments over $200, with no payments and no interest for the first 12 months. Laybuy is also available to split the cost of your purchase over 6 weekly no interest automatic payments. If you wish to have a spare set of glasses for your child, we offer a 30% discount when purchasing the second pair’s frame. The second pair needs to be purchased at the same time, and for the same child. Second frame must be of equal or lesser value.

Paterson Burn are committed to supporting our local communities. We are pleased to frequently provide support to local schools, sporting organisations and charities within our communities.


  • Comprehensive eye examination
  • Children’s vision


  • Comprehensive eye examination
  • Children’s vision

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