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About Us

Kim Morris, founder of Progress In Learning, is a heart centred edupreneur, serving those she cares about and doing what she loves. Passionate about helping students with their learning, she seeks to empower educators, parents and students to make a difference in their lives.

Kim Morris is a well-qualified, specialist teacher with many years of teaching experience, trained to work with children who have dyslexia and associated learning difficulties.

She is registered with the New Zealand Teachers Council, the SPELD NZ Association and the Feuerstein Institute.

After initially training as a primary school teacher in South Africa in 1979, Kim studied further and continued with her career as a learning specialist teacher. She emigrated to New Zealand in 2003 with her family and taught in a regular NZ mainstream school for 4 years. Kim has studied art throughout her life and values creativity.

Her strong belief that growth and change is possible within a well-designed programme, tailored to suit their needs and wholistic in approach, has contributed to her success. This is reflected in improved academic achievement and wellbeing. Children are encouraged to reach their potential in a supportive and caring way.

Tailored to suit your child’s needs

An individualised programme is formulated for the child based on prior assessments and reports. This usually includes an assessment by an Educational Psychologist, school reports, speech therapy reports etc and any additional assessment which Progress In Learning may do. Session content varies, depending on the needs of the child as each person is unique. Lessons may incorporate phonics instruction, decoding strategies, reading of prose, reading comprehension, spelling, written language, auditory or visual processing training and mathematics. We use a combination of written activities, whiteboard, workbooks, board games and computer-based activities.

Home programmes are put in place and monitored to accelerate progress and provide the additional reinforcement needed.

Group tutoring

A supervised touch-typing course is held at Progress In Learning, Pukekohe and Kingston House Kerikeri.


Home courses / Virtual tutoring

Students can enrol for the online TTRS course for home use through our website

We can assist parents or a tutor in setting up a home programme for their child, using more of the resources on our website, if they want to be the main learning support person.

Physical environment

Kim tutors from her private lounge in Pukekohe where there is a lovely garden view and a fireplace.


At Progress In Learning, children are nurtured to reach their potential in a supportive and caring way. Parents have a clear understanding of how their child is progressing and receive bi-annual progress reports.

For more information check out our website and contact us today.


  • Home programs
  • Zoom lessons
  • Reading,
  • Writing
  • Touch – Type Read and Spell (TTRS) Course
  • Visual and auditory processing.


  • Home programs
  • Zoom lessons
  • Reading,
  • Writing
  • Touch – Type Read and Spell (TTRS) Course
  • Visual and auditory processing.

“The Progress In Learning books are easy to use and have really helped my daughter with her reading as they follow a step by step phonics based program. There are opportunities for lots of practice if needed and it is clear what work is going to be covered. It would be great if every child had one at the start of school.”
Sarah M

“Kim introduced Ben to touch typing in Y3 which really helped him communicate more effectively and confidently. Kim also worked 1:1 with our son to improve all aspects of his school work and we saw his confidence and self-esteem grow. Arranging for Kim to work with our son over 3 years was the best decision for us as a family. We can’t thank Kim enough for her thoughtful and skilled approach to helping support our son’s development but most of all for making him find enjoyment and fun in learning.”
Mary J

“Kim taught our son, Mitchell to Touch-type when he was in Yr 5 and 6. He now types at the speed of light! We are about to introduce the same programme to our other son, also Yr 5. Being able to touch type is invaluable for them when they hit Yr 7 and onwards. A fantastic programme, a fantastic teacher, I cannot recommend highly enough.”
Gale S

“Kim is a wonderful tutor! Our son was falling behind specifically in reading and spelling at school and after just one year with Kim he has progressed significantly. He is now enjoying school again. Kim is very enthusiastic and has a lovely manner with the children she teaches. Thank you, Kim!”
Inger C

“My son can type 76 words per minute and absolutely loves his new touch-typing skill.
Thank you, Kim for been such an inspirational teacher term after term, he keeps on wanting to go back to your class!”
Sabreen K

“My son has been tutored by Kim since last term. I can see a big improvement in his work and even more so in his approach and attitude to his work. He has improved a lot in literacy and math. Thank you, Kim”