The Performance.Net – North Shore

Cutting Edge Curriculum

Founded in 1992 by Tracey and Michael Stretton Pformnz has a unique curriculum in quality performing arts.

Each year the curriculum is redesigned and implemented. Artistic Director, Tracey Stretton has more than 20 years teaching and education experience and has held Head of Performing Arts positions in several top Auckland schools.

She also worked for the Ministry of Education writing assessment units for NCEA and was a national moderator in Drama and Dance for NZQA.

She has taken the best of the dance and drama curriculum and syllabus that she has been exposed to over her teaching profession and combined it all to create a fresh, upbeat and relevant new curriculum for New Zealand Children and Teenagers.


The very best of Hip Hop, Contemporary and our own Pform ballet, we train the dancer to create movement as well as learn set combinations of choreography for show work. We encourage the exploration and study of space, shape, time and energy.


A vital blend of imagination, improvisation, character, script, ensemble technique, mask, film, screen, dramatic conventions, acting techniques, voice, physicality, levels of tensions, Shakespeare, plays, and stage etiquette.

Musical Theatre

Popular songs and scenes from Musicals, young students focus on a particular scene and master it for their end of year show. We skip through one show item each term. We develop ideal preparation for budding young actors who want a taste of singing and dancing on stage.

Our Tutors

Listen to the children and are perceptive to the needs of the group
Control the class in a positive way
Teach excellent curriculum
Are professionally groomed
Run structured classes
Have the respect of the group
Use positive speech and body language
Create and foster a positive and happy class synergy
Care about the children and young adults
Build the students up with positive praise and reinforcement

6 Reasons to Join Us!

1.With so many weekly classes running, you can always make up a class

We have a unique policy whereby if you are ever sick or unable to attend a class, you can make up that class at a different venue.

2.No risk to joining

We offer a meaningful trial period policy. Enrol and pay for the term. If after attending 4 consecutive sessions, you are not satisfied with The experience we will graciously refund you in full.

3.We are education driven

Many performance schools and studios are industry driven and let’s face it; the industry can be rather ugly and not what we want for our children and young people. We are driven by the best educational values. We understand that when students are encouraged and built up, their sense of self worth and esteem increases and their learning and what they achieve is enhanced. We don’t “strip away”.

4.Our clients love us and more importantly, we LOVE our clients

We believe passionately in great customer service. We get back to clients quickly – we have automated systems that save you precious time. We make every step easy for you and most of our growth comes from referrals.

5.Sit back relax and enjoy the show process!

We demand nothing from you during our show experience. We have a strong, professional and competent team staffed onto all productions so that you can simply drop off and pick up without worrying about looking after your child during the show process. Parenting in these busy times provides few precious moments where you can stop and watch your children shine. We want you to relish that moment.

6.Trusted by the best

Top Schools and Principals entrust us with their students. We design, implement and teach Performing Arts education programmes including at Kings School for the past 12 years. Other schools we work closely with include; Westmere Primary, Maraetai, Huapai, Red Beach, Summerland, Mt Eden Normal, Stanmore Bay, Murrays Bay.

A learning environment that is relaxed, fun, busy, inspiring, challenging, inclusive, upbeat and positive…we catch students doing things right and build on those strengths.


  • Dance:
    -Hip Hop
  • Drama
  • Musical Theatre


  • Dance:
    -Hip Hop
  • Drama
  • Musical Theatre

“Ballet with a funky modern vibe. Lucy loves Gracie’s teaching style and how she teaches technique without traditional ballet style. She also loves how Gracie asks her students for their thoughts and ideas. Can highly recommend this class!”
Julie H – Albany