All Grown Up

My son turned 18. Apparently, he is now a man. He voted in our last election and in some countries around the world, he could be drafted into mandatory military service.

Of course, I look him and wonder where has the time gone? And I wonder what kind of man will he be? Did I get enough things right when he was growing up?

If I’m honest, I have moments when I look at him and shake my head wondering whose child is this? I even had a moment recently when he brought up a topic to which my only response to him was, “In what version of reality or alternate universe did you think that was ok?”

But then I have those moments when I’m so proud of who he is, the choices he is making and the things he is accomplishing. At 17 he started his own online business and was CEO of YES Company Kiwi Games who created ECO-Ways, a card game designed to teach children the positive impacts, environmentally and financially of eco-friendly living.

He has lots to learn, but he is committed to reaching his goals. He’s carving out his own path. And that’s what they are supposed to do, aye? He’s grown and I must grow with him. I know how to raise a boy, but now I have young man on my hands. Some people would say, my job is done. But really, it’s just another transition.

The foundation laid in the 18 years before now is the platform upon which our relationship now stands. The input I have into his life now, started years earlier. Reading to him, listening to him, playing with him and laughing with him, answering the same question 15 bazillion times. Talking to him about how a man integrity acts from an early age and doing my best to demonstrate the qualities of generosity, kindness, loyalty, love and respect.

It can be hard to relate to our young adult children, their generation is so different from ours.  But one thing I know for sure, no one looks back and regrets spending time with their kids, regardless of their age.