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Kylie Johnston


Parent Coach Certification – Jai Institute of Parenting

My Experience

Certified Parent Coach and speaker.  

Facilitator of Parenting Courses for 10 years, long time volunteer for Parents Centre New Zealand.

I talk about


Children with learning differences

Conscious Parenting

Mindfulness for Parents, teachers and children

My key messages

  • Mindfulness in the classroom
  • Supporting students with learning differences
  • Staying calm amongst the storm
  • Managing the workload

Age group/s

All age groups for parent coaching

For schools mainly 5-12 year olds


  • 9.30 – 2pm Monday-Friday and from 8pm Monday-Friday
  • Teacher only days
  • Staff meetings
  • Full day packages
  • Available to speak at fundraisers for community groups

If you are a parent wanting to better understand your child’s behaviour visit To learn more about how I can best support you or visit my facebook page Heart Centred Parenting and Teaching

If you are a teacher wanting to focus on your wellbeing so you can find the joy in your teaching again and to better understand students with learning differences visit or join my facebook group Heart Centred Teaching – A Focus on Your Wellbeing Group