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Heart Centred Parenting & Teaching

Contact Name

Kylie Johnston

We Sell

  • Online Courses
  • 1:1 coaching for Parents and Teachers
  • Webinars
  • Workshops/speaking events

Target age group/s?

Any age group

Who do these resources help?

  • Parents
  • Schools
  • Children with learning differences

How do they help?

I help adults to gain an understanding their child(ren)’s behaviour.

I help adults gain cooperation from their children, listening and create a calm happy home life.

I provide resources, tips and techniques that best support children in the classroom and beyond.

About Us

Heart Centred Parenting started in 2016, after I trained as a parent coach, Having three children (two of which are neuro diverse) I recognised the need for a village to help raise our children, to step away from judgment and into a role of understanding and support.

I had been working with families for about a year when I saw the need to also move into a support role for teachers, so I developed a programme called Creating a Conscious School.  


If you are a parent wanting to better understand your child’s behaviour visit www.heartcentredparenting.com To learn more about how I can best support you or visit my facebook page Heart Centred Parenting and Teaching

If you are a teacher wanting to focus on your wellbeing so you can find the joy in your teaching again and to better understand students with learning differences visit https://www.heartcentredparenting.com/teacher-coaching or join my facebook group Heart Centred Teaching – A Focus on Your Wellbeing Group

Visit our website www.heartcentredparenting.com for more information.