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Brooke Trenwith

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  • Online courses for parents and teachers
  • Building Self-Efficacy
  • Working with Visual Spatial Learners
  • Introduction to Differentiation
  • Intensities/Overexcitabilities
  • An introduction to giftedness
  • An introduction to multi-exceptional learners
  • Introduction to Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD)
  • 35 tips of gifted kids and those who raise them
  • Rejecting deficit beliefs
  • Teaching vocabulary
  • Managing tantrums & meltdowns
  • Using self and peer assessment
  • And more…

Target age group/s?

Any age group

Who do these resources help?

  • Parents
  • Schools

How do they help?

  • Provide practical inspiration
  • Research based support
  • Practical tips and tricks for working with students both at home and at school

About these resources

These courses have been designed combining research and experience to create practical and informative learning. Through these Teachable courses, Brooke provides you with a summary of the research as well as practical tips and techniques to use both at home and at school.

You may have seen Brooke on the TV 1 show “Brainboxes” talking about gifted students. Brooke has worked with students across the spectrum for over two decades and her online courses are taking tips and tricks directly to you to support students both at home and at school.

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Testimonial for Brooke:
“I first met Brooke in 2016 at workshops on Gifted and Talented Education. Brooke’s knowledge in this area is astounding and her approach friendly and encouraging; so much so that we have since had two years professional development across our full primary school. We have come a long way in the two years, thanks to Brooke’s guidance and never-ending enthusiasm. I cannot rate her highly enough.”
Denise Horley, Deputy Principal, Opaheke School

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