Tips to be more resilient

What you can do:

1. To help yourself to be more resilient

  • Positive self–talk. That means: tell that voice in your head to think about all the good things around you and all the good things that you can do
  • Set realistic goals, take small steps and build on success
  • Make good choices
  • Be a positive person. Compliment others and they will compliment you
  • Make friends and work at being a good friend
  • Join in – hang out with positive people, eg scouts, guides, youth groups and environment groups, sports players and friends who build you up rather than let you down
  • Say “I can’t do this ……..yet!” then try to learn a bit more each day
  • Exercise, play sport, learn skills, be active
  • Accept that you will make mistakes – say sorry to yourself as well as to others – then try to put things right and have another go
  • Get involved in pleasant things like art, music, drama
  • Give yourself time to think
  • Have a go at new things, if they are safe of course

2. If your friend is having a hard time

  • Keep asking your friend to do things with you
  • Ask your friend to do active things too. Most people feel stronger (and more resilient) if they are fit and active
  • Encourage your friend to try
  • Be a good friend and listener
  • Keep her secrets, unless they are unsafe secrets; if they might be unsafe then tell your trusted adult
  • Tell the teacher if your friend is being bullied
  • Say positive things if your friend is feeling sad
  • Encourage your friend to get help
  • Don’t get upset if your friend wants to be alone. Tell her that you will be there for her if she wants to play or talk

Source: Kids Health – Dr Kate Says.