Why Read To Your Kids

A quiet time, a quiet place, some tasty food, a good book – read by a loving parent – is a stepping stone towards intelligent children and a happy home.

  • Reading to your kids tells them that they are a daily priority. It can also progress into being the time when many important things are discussed
  • Reading to your kids allows them to learn the language of stories
  • Reading to your kids makes stories a shared experience as a part of your family culture
  • Reading to your kids, especially by Dads, helps role model a love of learning so that children can overcome many barriers to learning
  • Reading to your kids helps parents take responsibility for the learning of their children
  • Reading to your kids should go alongside other family activities to help keep the family strong
  • Reading to your kids can be a priority from when children are toddlers until they are teens
  • Reading to your kids helps reluctant readers develop a storehouse of knowledge and to be confident in their abilities
  • Reading to your kids helps children learn to sit still and makes listening a skill and priority
  • Reading to your kids can give them a love of literature and great stories that will help them to stay strong against negative peer influences against learning that can so often occur in school cultures

“It is an act of love that forms an association between the child and books”
Paul Jennings – The Reading Bug

Villa Education Trust