How to engage boys into learning

John, Stu, Michele, Michael and Julie

WOW – what an inspirational afternoon!

We were totally inspired and in fact completely blown away by the ideas and results shared with us by John, Stu and Michael!

Messages received LOUD and CLEAR:

  1. Boys learn through DOING & physical activities
  2. Boys love being in the outdoors… in nature and of course, muddy!
  3. Boys learn best through project based learning & integrated studies
  4. Boys love a challenge and a level of “perceived” risk
  5. Boys thrive on teamwork and competition

Boys need:

  1. Significant relationships with positive male role models
  2. Opportunities for responsibility and leadership
  3. Mentors who work alongside them & believe in them

As educators, we need to:

  1. Help boys learn important life values – self-discipline, integrity, respect and tenacity
  2. Ensure the wellbeing and development of the WHOLE child
  3. Cultivate their strengths, talents and potential – think about music, dance, drama, art, performance…

Challenges: are we giving boys the opportunities to…

  1. Learn through doing and hands-on activities, rather than talking, reading or on a device?
  2. Have fathers / male role models part of our learning experiences?
  3. Think about service / giving back / helping others?
Teachers and schools, it is now up to us to take up the challenge and make this kind of learning happen for our boys. We may not be able to take them into the bush or kayaking but we can be creative about ways of getting them learning by doing. We’d love to share your stories about how you are engaging boys into learning. Email us and we will spread the word!