Application - Help for Kids

This application is to be submitted either by the Principal, Deputy Principal, Associate Principal or SENCo of the school or their dominated delegate.

  • Application made on behalf of

  • (provide full legal name)
  • Eligibility

  • KidsLink service sought

    Please visit to make your selection. Only KidsLink service providers will be used in the Help for Kids programme. If you are unsure, please contact Michele [email protected]
  • Privacy Constraints

    Direct sponsorship arrangements require KidsLink to disclose information about the student in order to obtain sponsorship.
  • Declaration

  • Terms and Conditions

    1. Submission of this application does not mean any grant or sponsorship will be available. Awards are at the sole discretion of the KidsLink "Help for Kids" programme.
    2. Any grant or sponsorship shall be paid directly to the KidsLink service providing the service.
    3. Failure by the student to attend any appointment or session without reasonable excuse (i.e. illness, injury or family bereavement) may result in all future funding being withdrawn.
    4. Parental support is required to ensure the student complies with any reasonable direction by the KidsLink service. In the event that the student does not comply with any reasonable instruction given by the KidsLink service, all future funding may be withdrawn.


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