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Kidz Therapy

Kidz Therapy, a multi-disciplinary practice encompassing registered psychologists, an occupational therapist and a speech language therapist who assist children, adolescents and families at all ages and stages. Kidz Therapy is the only clinic in Auckland that have a full range of psychologists, an occupational therapist and speech language therapist under one roof. This means diagnosing and treating problems are easier and faster.

Location: 642 New North Road, Mount Albert, Auckland, New Zealand

Visual Perceptual

Visual Perceptual provides a therapy with a dramatic difference. While many of us have been led to believe that childhood struggles are for life, and that these kids will need therapy for a long time, we will show you that the opposite is usually true. We provide the ground breaking, 21st century Visual Perceptual Therapy, a therapy that addresses childhood struggles at their very core, resulting in rapid and profound improvement in a child’s performance, allowing them to go out and get on with life. While some things in life are too good to be true, this therapy is not one of them.

Location: 9 Crosby St, Mairehau, Christchurch, New Zealand

DaySTAR OT Services

DaySTAR OT Services is a private occupational therapy service for children based in New Plymouth. Creating individual treatment programmes to help children carry out their daily lives with more confidence and independence. Most assessments and therapy take place within our clinic, in your home or at school.

Location: Hobson St, Strandon, New Plymouth 4312, New Zealand

Kids OT

Kids OT is a private Occupational Therapy service for children based in Tauranga, run by a Paediatric Occupational Therapist. Kids OT provides assessment and intervention for children ages 3 -16 in their own home or school environment.

Location: Parkvale, Tauranga 3112, New Zealand

Progress In Learning

Progress In Learning (PIL) is an educational provider of key educational products and services to support children and their families. Their use is diverse and can be adapted to suit a wide range of needs and affordability.

Location: Hayfield Way, Karaka, Auckland, New Zealand

SPELD NZ Southern Region

Providing specialised assessment, tuition and support for people with dyslexia and other specific learning disabilities nationwide.

Location: New Zealand

SPELD NZ Central Region

Providing specialised assessment, tuition and support for people with dyslexia and other specific learning disabilities nationwide.

Location: New Zealand

Total Rehab Plus

As Occupational therapists we are passionate about helping children to access all areas of life. This could be play, accessing the curriculum, developmental difficulties, social skills, writing skills, motor skills etc. We customise programmes to meet the needs of each child in order to help them meet their individual goals.

Location: 179 Thames Street, Morrinsville 3300, New Zealand

Playschool Education

Playschool’s education offers a FREE education programme for all children cared for at home by an Au Pair, Nanny or family member (excluding child’s parent’s). It is unique and personalised and will provide your child with an education programme that meets their individual needs and requirements.

Location: 112 Bush Road, Albany, Auckland 0632, New Zealand

SPELD NZ Northern Region

Providing specialised assessment, tuition and support for people with dyslexia and other specific learning disabilities nationwide.

Location: New Zealand

ABI Community Services

Are you concerned about your child's development? Are you still waiting for your child to be seen in the public system? ABI Community Services provides a range of therapies for infants and children all over Auckland, and WE can come to YOU.

Location: NorthWest Shopping Centre Fred Taylor Drive, Massey, Auckland, New Zealand

Paediatric Therapy Ltd

Paediatric Therapy Limited consists of therapists who are paediatric specialists and are dedicated to working with children to help them reach their developmental potential.

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Occupational Therapy for Children

Does your child have messy, illegible handwriting? Are they having difficulty with schoolwork? Are they disorganised? Is homework a stressful time for everyone? We offer assessments and occupational therapy for learning concerns, handwriting, co-ordination and motor skills. Let us help unleash your child’s potential!

Location: 27 Barker Rise, Northcross, Auckland 0632, New Zealand

Claire Ashmore

Claire is a licensed Davis Programme Facilitator giving your child increased confidence and unlocking their potential, so they have the freedom to be everything they are capable of being. Helping children living with dyslexia and related conditions eliminating the frustration, stress and anxiety this can bring by addressing the root cause of learning challenges and teaching strategies that enable successful learning.

Location: Cambridge, Waikato, New Zealand