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  • H.D.E. Junior Primary
  • F.D.E. Remedial Education
  • B.A. Degree
  • SPELD NZ Course SLD – Teaching individuals with specific learning disabilities
  • Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Course – Painting with a purpose
  • Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Basic 1 and 2 – Intervention program for structural cognitive modifiability

My Experience

Kim has worked in education for the past 40 years. Since emigrating to New Zealand, she has taught as a regular class teacher for 4 years, provided in-service training to SPELD tutors and was a guest speaker at the 2018 Learning Disability Association of NZ (LDANZ) Conference. She is actively involved in the community, providing specialist teaching to students.

Current registrations and positions held:

Registered teacher with the Education Council of Aotearoa, NZ
Registered SPELD tutor
Registered Intentional Creativity Teacher
Registered Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Basic 1 and 2 Teacher
Director and founder of Progress In Learning (PIL)
Supervisor of the Touch-type Read and Spell (TTRS) course
Supervisor of the Wings to Fly course
Author of reading workbooks, Progress In Learning 1, 2 and 3
Author of Wings to Fly – A fun colouring and activity journal

I talk about

Assessment of phonic skills and how this knowledge can be used to formulate an individualised or group programme and facilitate progress in literacy, using the progress In Learning reading workbooks (60 min)

Use of the classic Wordshark v 5 computer software to facilitate progress in reading, spelling, visual processing, auditory processing, processing speed, memory and comprehension. Use of the Numbershark v 5 Computer software and how this can be adapted to fit in with the NZ and Cambridge curriculum (60 min)

Understanding the intelligence of the heart and how this affects our learning. I demonstrate how use of the Wings to Fly fun colouring and activity journal can access this intelligence to promote lifelong health and happiness and elevate achievement levels. Listeners will be inspired by the transformational power of this resource! (Approximately 30-60 min)

How to use and integrate the use of the Progress In Learning reading workbooks, the Wordshark and Numbershark computer software, the Touch-type Read and Spell Course and the Wings to Fly course at home, within your school or at tutoring centre so as to accelerate progress for all learners (Full day session)

My key messages

Progress In Learning believes in empowering children, parents and educators to make a difference.

Age group/s

My main clients are from primary school and attract those who find learning a challenge. However, as my products and services are based on sound teaching principles and cover a wide age range, they are suitable for ALL learners for all time! My youngest student has been 5 years and the oldest is 62 years.


Teacher only days during the holidays, by arrangement
Tuesday mid mornings
Saturday mornings

Any other information

I support, encourage, educate and entertain parents through my social media links which can be accessed from my website

It is also of great concern to me that many parents cannot afford assessment and tuition. I believe in providing some structure, support and resources that will be of assistance. I encourage parents who want to do a home course with their children, to attend presentations.

I would be happy to discuss working with you!

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