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The Absentee Parent

Um… Are your parents home? Have you noticed there aren’t many parents around on TV these days? Sure, every now and then you get the odd older sibling. Or if parents do exist

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How can we all get along together?

"How can we all get along together?" This phrase will resonate with many parents, children and young adults, possibly followed by feelings of frustration and hopelessness. Over

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The happy family dynamic

The Happy Family Dynamic - remembering to support each member of the family When we are caring for a child with challenging behavioural issues the whole family unit is impacted.

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The Lumps and Bumps of Family Blending

A quick google search shows that the likelihood of living in a blended family is increasing. In fact according to a 60 minutes documentary, a third of all children in New Zealand

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Working with our stress and anger as parents

When faced with the stresses of family life we can sometimes feel overwhelmed and alone. It can feel like we really have not had sufficient training or preparation for being a

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The secret to being a joyful parent

Being a parent, or grandparent, can be a lot of fun but it can also involve a great deal of stress especially when our children don’t do what we would like them to do. Recently, I

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