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Telling the kids, you are separating

Separation to any degree is a stressful and emotive time Separation is not just a life-changing event for you and your partner but it is also one for your children.  This is no

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Born to BE WILD?

If their behaviour is a real concern, it may be time to hit the books If your child is impulsive, fidgety, easily distracted and struggles to concentrate, you may wonder whether

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I'm Bored

Once in a while we may hear these words: “I’m bored!” from younger family members. This can be bewildering when we consider what we provide for our children. Professor J. D.

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Is my child being bullied - or bullying others?

It’s one of a parent’s worst nightmares. You discover that your child is being bullied – or bullying others. If only you had known sooner, maybe you could have nipped it in the

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You’re not the boss of me! Children who want to be in charge

“You’re not the boss of me!” Is this a phrase that sounds familiar to you? It is often hurled at a parent, by a miniature rebel, with little fists on hips, body leaning forward,

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How does a learning difference affect behaviour?

The first indications that a child is experiencing problems at school can be misbehaviour. Day dreaming, not following instructions, not completing work, fidgeting and being

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