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‘Gut feel’ is a thing

Have you ever noticed that feeling of nausea in your stomach when someone asks you to do something that is outside your comfort zone? Maybe you get those butterflies in your tummy

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What Is Social Anxiety?

When fear of how you appear gets in the way of functioning When you’re a teen you start being more aware of what other people think. There seems to be a “right” thing to wear or

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Supporting students with autism in the classroom: what teachers need to know

Students with autism often present unique challenges to schools, and teachers can often find it difficult to meet their needs effectively. Internationally, around 1 in 68

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I'm Bored

Once in a while we may hear these words: “I’m bored!” from younger family members. This can be bewildering when we consider what we provide for our children. Professor J. D.

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Why is arts therapy such an effective way to help children to heal from illness, trauma and emotional difficulties?

Arts therapy can help children and teens to express feelings and concerns that are sometimes difficult to communicate in words. It offers ways for young people to access their

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How does a learning difference affect behaviour?

The first indications that a child is experiencing problems at school can be misbehaviour. Day dreaming, not following instructions, not completing work, fidgeting and being

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