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Strategies to prevent injury in adolescent sport

Participation in sports has many benefits including increased cardiovascular fitness, greater self-esteem, relaxation, improved co-ordination and strength, improved concentration

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The secret to being a joyful parent

Being a parent, or grandparent, can be a lot of fun but it can also involve a great deal of stress especially when our children don’t do what we would like them to do. Recently, I

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What is typical language development?

A common question asked by parents is “What is typical speech and language development?” Plunket, preschools, kindergartens and school teachers can offer parents a rough guideline

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The under 20's new health crisis

Kids of the 2000’s have been exposed to a new health concern… technology and flat desks! All forms of technology - cell phones, ipads, ipods, laptops and the new modern “flat

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Hearing loss in the classroom

Hearing loss in the classroom It is estimated that between 6 – 10 percent of New Zealand school children have some type, and degree, of hearing loss. The rate could be much higher

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